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Magmatic by Elation

Introducing Magmatic, a new line of atmospheric effects products by Elation Professional. 

 The Magmatic line includes Magma™, a water-based series of haze and fog machines; Thermatic™, a line of oil-based haze machines; Polar™, a series of high-output snow machines; Rocket™, a line of CO2 cryogenic fog effects for specialty atmospherics; Atmosity™, a universal fog fluid series for use with all types of fog and haze machines; and Prisma™, an advanced UV LED lighting series that combines true 365nm UV output with the control and efficiency of LEDs.

Elation Professional is also home to Obsidian Lighting Control Systems, which combines over 25 years of experience developing professional entertainment lighting control solutions for automated and theatrical lighting fixtures. 

We are the official UK and Ireland distributor for Elation Lighting and Magmatic.

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