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About Minuit Une

Designed to fulfill the desires of artists, lighting designers, and audiences, Minuit Une's IVL Luminaires deliver highly creative, immersive, and spectacular light shows to small and mid-sized venues. Not only do they provide an unforgettable experience, they are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The IVL Luminaires can be easily incorporated into any design to deliver versatility to a range of different productions including concerts, corporate events, conferences, clubs, broadcasts, and more.

Classified as Class 3R, IVL Photon and Dice are laser-based lighting fixtures as safe as LED and can be used in unsupervised areas according to the international standard (IEC 60825-3), without permit or specific training, and also variance-free in the USA.

We are the official UK and Ireland Distributor for Minuit Une.

Minuit Une IVL Photon Service Extension Kit

Service Extension Kit for IVL Photon

The Extension Kit is a direct benefit of the IVL Photon’s modular conception, making service easier, faster, and lighter: the parts the most subjected to service have been designed with a “plug & play” modular approach. They can all be replaced very easily in a matter of minutes.

Yes, you can do most of the service operations by yourself!


PLASA Award for Innovation IVL Photon Entedi Entertainment Technology Distribution UK and Ireland

"The multitude of dazzling effects from this laser light source will bring digital fireworks to productions."

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