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PSI Production shines bright with its latest investment in Martin MAC Ultra Performances

PSI Production (PSI), a leading lighting, visuals and rigging production specialist with offices based in Belfast and Dublin, recently made a significant investment in class-leading Martin Professional MAC Ultra Performance fixtures through Ireland’s official Martin distributor, Entedi. This new addition to PSI's inventory complements last year’s investments in the MAC Aura XIP, MAC Aura PXL, and MAC One, solidifying their reputation as a leader in production excellence within the live events industry of the UK and Ireland.

Chris Munn Martin, Calville Bacchus Entedi and Brian Reilly with the MAC AURA range.
Chris Munn Martin, Calville Bacchus Entedi and Brian Reilly with the MAC AURA range.

"The acquisition of the Martin MAC Ultra Performance units not only elevates our portfolio but assures our clients that they are working with a company at the forefront of live production capabilities," said Brian Reilly of PSI. "I was particularly impressed by the impactful punch and striking beams that are sure to redefine audience experiences at live events."

Brian further commented: "It is always a pleasure to work with the Entedi team. Their top-end product portfolio, exceptional technical knowledge and professional service are the reasons

why we continue doing business with them."

Commenting on the partnership, Entedi MD Cally Bacchus stated: "We are delighted to continue our support for PSI and are happy that we assisted them in this next phase of their growth. Providing cutting-edge equipment and dedicated product support exemplifies our mission to bolster the live events industry.”

Renowned for its exceptional brightness and groundbreaking output, the MAC Ultra Performance boasts an impressive 46,500 lumens, advanced framing capabilities and over 50,000 hours of high-definition output, coupled with dynamic light effects.

Excited by the substantial potential of this investment, Chris Munn from Martin Professional added: "The introduction of the innovative Martin MAC Ultra Performance marks a significant stride in the domain of moving heads, with higher definition optics and astoundingly low noise levels making it the perfect fixture for concert and touring productions as well as noise-sensitive broadcast and theatre applications.”

The inclusion of MAC Ultra Performances represents a pivotal moment for PSI as it fortifies its live event services and position themselves for unparalleled success within a fiercely competitive market. This strategic move demonstrates PSI's commitment to excellence and innovation, as they aim to deliver extraordinary performances that will set them apart in the industry landscape.



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